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Curing olives

Do you have an olive tree at home? I have six. One is fully matured and the others are still growing. It took about eight years before mine started to fruit which is totally normal. Once it started every year I got bigger crops. This year has been phenomenal so I decided to cure them. … Continue reading

  • It's one month until I return to work. Since I have had DD I have dreaded having to return. Don't get me wrong, I'm only going back part-time but I feel as though just the thought of it is starting to tear a hole in my heart. A few months ago, I liked the idea of getting some personal freedom. Now, I dread having to wave goodbye. I'm also returning to part-time study that means I will be basically working full-time. I feel as though I am letting her down for not being there every moment of her life. Also, I hate the thought that I will miss all of her magic moments. Does anyone else feel this way? Furthermore, does anyone else feel the pressure of having to return to work sooner than they would like to? This is all new to me so I need some worldly advice. So, to distract myself from brooding over this matter too much I have thrown myself into more food preparation. Of course!! Remember in my last post I was wondering what to do with my surplus of tomato's?? Well, how about sun-dried tomato's. There's nothing better. One, because they are way to over-priced in the supermarket and just like anything else that is home-grown will taste better. Check these babies out. First, I put them in a dehydrater, which I might add only cost $100.00 Aus dollars. Dry them for 1-2 days. Depending on the weather and Voila!! NB. these are cherry tomato's. The last step is when you preserve them in olive oil. I use extra virgin. First, brown some garlic and your choice herbs i.e. oregano, rosemary etc. in about 1 cup of oil. Then, add your sun-dried tomato's (500 grams) for less than a minute. As soon as that your done place the contents into a sterilised jar and store in the fridge. They will preserve well for a couple of weeks. If you make too much, I always do, then, freeze the dried tomato's before you preserve them in oil. This way you will always have sun-dried tomato's at the fraction of a cost. Please let me know your thoughts on both topics. If anyone has any ideas that works for them so they can stay at home longer with their children drop me a line (no canvasing). Also, I would love to hear if you have any other recipes direct from your garden.

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