Curing olives

Do you have an olive tree at home? I have six. One is fully matured and the others are still growing. It took about eight years before mine started to fruit which is totally normal. Once it started every year I got bigger crops. This year has been phenomenal so I decided to cure them. … Continue reading Curing olives

Back again

It has been a year since I posted something. I can’t believe how fast 2012 went. This is what I was busy doing during since I last spoke to you all, in no particular order. 1) grew and gave birth to another baby girl 2)Went back to work 3)started and completed a graduate certificate 4) neglected … Continue reading Back again

Mamma on a mission

My sincere apologies readers for the delay since my last post. I have been on somewhat of a journey lately. Of course, I have been busy gardening but I have also been nursing a husband – with a very bruised ego. He has been recently retrenched. Therefore, I have been busy trying to be extra creative with food and … Continue reading Mamma on a mission