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Not so Ezy sauce

As luck would have it, my daughter has been actually sleeping for the last week, CRAZY!! Hugh. I feel like I was awarded a reprieve for all of my hard work to date with her. So, now I’m taking advantage of some time to myself and am cooking and cleaning like a good women….note the sarcasm!

It has also been balmy Melbourne summer weather lately so I have been getting some fresh air and sun in the garden and solace in my air-conditioned kitchen. So far, I have made a batch of my annual tomato sauce (ketchup) because of the bumper crop of tomato’s I have had this season. I really need to find a recipe for green tomatoes too.

I use Ezy sauce to keep the batches I make. You can get it from the supermarket cheap. I like it because it spices up the flavour of you sauce and ensures that it will stay safe, no matter how long it is kept in a jar. That’s it for the marketing spin. It takes about six hours to make the sauce from end to end. Five hours of simmering the tomato’s, onion and other ingredients. Then another hour after you add the Ezy sauce. Then the hard work begins. Once everything has cooked down you have to strain it all through a fine sive to remove the pulp and get the right consistency. It can be an arduous task but one where I get good therapy. This batch I have made fourteen bottles. approximately nine litres. Once you have made your own organic condiments there is no going back to the over processed ones you buy.

About Green Thumb Mum

I'm a thirty something mum with two daughters that suffer from multiple food allergies. I love pottering in my garden and pondering on Motherhood in all of its glory. Funnily enough, I find myself now torn between nature and nurture.



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