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As the season’s change

My DD just turned one. I’m amazed at how fast the past year has flown. Although she has walked for three months now it still feels as is she is a baby. I have felt this over the past week since I returned to work. She still seems so small and helpless. I can’t believe it though she has only had one week of childcare and has already caught the flu.Ufortunately her and I both come down with it. The good thing that is has been the easter long weekend.

You know when you start feeling snowed under or the pressure is on things seem so much harder. This past couple of weeks have been the hardest. Not only because I have returned to work but because nothing seems to be going in our families favour now. My husband still doesn’t have a job!!! Also, his grandmother fell ill early in March and was hospitalised. At one point it was touch and go and then she seemed to be on the mend. One-day, he decided to go and give his Mother a break because she had  been holding a vigil by her mother’s bed side. My husband went and stayed with his grandmother for the afternoon. As luck would have it, she died while he was there on his own. Her funeral was last Friday and was a long sad day. It was my daughter’s first B’day party on the Saturday. Not to mention, I returned to work on the following Monday. Currently we are all exhausted.

My daughter’s party was a great mood lifter after the funeral and we’re glad we went ahead with it. However, I’m not surprised that we have all fallen ill.

Now I’ve got to get motivated to get into the garden. It’s Autumn and time to start planting the new season’s crop. It’s all about collard’s and greens. After you’ve turned over your soil and given it a good dose of lime and manure let it sit for a week first. Then, you can go crazy on your new crop. I’m going to plant broccoli, cauliflower, celery, leeks, carrots, beets, radish and spinach and broad beans. You can also plant lettuce and peas if you choose. You can never have enough of these veggies, as far as I’m concerned, during the winter months. It will keep you occupied in the outdoors when it is miserable and wet and give you an excuse to get some fresh air when you feel like the walls are closing in on you.

I recently had an ultrasound to confirm how many weeks pregnant I am the other day. To my surprise it turns out that I am nine weeks. I haven’t told work yet and am not going to until I get to twelve.

Tell me ladies, did you find that you showed earlier during your subsequent pregnancies because I’m feeling like a beached whale at the moment. I don’t see how I possibly could be but I’m intrigued. I hadn’t  lost all my baby weight yet but was almost there. Now, suddenly, my clothes seem ill-fitting and feel more voluptuous. In addition, I am having early cravings that I didn’t experience before. Most of the time I felt queasy too but now, I’m feeling rather well and robust. I would love to hear if you experienced differences in your subsequent pregnancies. In the mean time. Enjoy your families and happy gardening.

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I'm a thirty something mum with two daughters that suffer from multiple food allergies. I love pottering in my garden and pondering on Motherhood in all of its glory. Funnily enough, I find myself now torn between nature and nurture.


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