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Curing olives

Do you have an olive tree at home? I have six. One is fully matured and the others are still growing. It took about eight years before mine started to fruit which is totally normal. Once it started every year I got bigger crops. This year has been phenomenal so I decided to cure them. I tried last year but the method I tried wasn’t ideal. This time I’m curing them with brine.

First, soak you olives for a month in plain water. You’ll need to weigh them down with a plate. Every ten days change the water.
Once you’ve completed this process it’s time to cure them. Again, cover your olives in water and weigh them down with a plate but, this time add 1/2 cup sea salt.
Change the brine every week.
There isn’t any hard and fast rule as to when your olives will be edible so you’ll have to test them as you go. I’ve been curing mine for two months now and still have some progress to make.

Once their cured secure then in sterilised jars filled with olive oil. You can herbs or garlic if you like.


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I'm a thirty something mum with two daughters that suffer from multiple food allergies. I love pottering in my garden and pondering on Motherhood in all of its glory. Funnily enough, I find myself now torn between nature and nurture.


2 thoughts on “Curing olives

  1. Wish I could have an olive tree here in the eastern US, but alas…olives are something we will always have to import. It is interesting to earn about how to cure them, though. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by Sharon | May 29, 2013, 10:40 am

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